Inuyasha as Shinigami (Soul Reaper from Bleach)

Good morning, everyone. Sorry for the silence, but I have just been buried in a mixture of paperwork and tissues. First off, I've been struggling with allergies (Yes, even half demons like myself have allergies, but it can be even worse, since dogs have very sensitive noses).

Aside from that, summer classes have also been a pain, but thankfully it's just about over, so three weeks until Fall quarter begins, so happy day.

Now, on to the update. Inuyasha trades in his Robe of the Fire Rat in exhance for a Shinigami (Soul Reaper) attire from Bleach. Could Ichigo Kurosaki have competition with the arrival
of this new, and possibly more powerful Soul Reaper?

Below is just a small sample of the update:

For the rest of the new gallery, check out Inuyasha as Shinigami

Until next time,

~Cody Nakamura